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Imagine and Produce

Today, machines have entered all areas of our lives. Everything we use in daily life depends on robotics and coding system. In order to be among the best colleges today, not only academic education is sufficient, but the development of students in many different areas is supported. As Life Design Schools, we aim to ensure that our students develop in every field. For this reason, we reveal our difference between private schools with the Robotic Coding course we have added to our curriculum.

With robotics and coding education, students can develop 21st century skills such as 3-dimensional thinking and problem solving ability. Life Design Schools i 'in robotics and coding students in the class robots they dreamed, they get real conversion facilities. Thus, while the design aspects are developing, they also enjoy the pleasure of producing.


Activities Targeted to Gain Talent

Lego Tutorial

Lego Education is a robot design, robot programming, development and activity program that encourages students to imagine, design, manufacture and use the robot system. Through design and programming, children are encouraged to develop faster, more analytical and practical solutions to problems. In this activity, we create robots with our students and code them.

3D Design

3D modeling allows to visualize objects that do or do not exist in virtual environment in 3D and to change them. In 3D Design courses, we enable our students to transform their dreams into designs first, and then to make their dreams physical by printing out 3-dimensional printers, thanks to the utilities. As Bilişim College, we are the first college to incorporate 3D printers between college Ankara.


Life Design Schools; We lay the foundations of these skills with robotic coding training in order to raise new individuals who question, criticize, and are equipped with 21st century skills. Coding is not only limited to computer science, it is also very important in terms of interdisciplinary interaction. It provides children with algorithmic thinking skills at an early age; creative thinking and problem solving skills are developed. Our students, who started to dream at an early age, begin to build their own dreams thanks to the coding education we offer in Yaşam Tasarım.

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