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To Be A Student In Life Design Schools

Yaşam Tasarım Okullarında
öğrencilerini Atatürk ilke ve inkılapları ışığında çağdaş, bilimsel akla inanan, Dünyayla entegre, yabancı dillere hakim; vatanına, milletine, millî değerlerine bağlı bireyler olarak yetiştirmeyi hedefler. Yaşam Tasarım Okullarında bireyin tüm yaşam becerilerinin temellerinin Okul öncesi ve İlkokul çağında atıldığı gerçeğinden yola çıkarak öğrencilerimize akademik bilgi ve becerilerin kazandırılmasının yanı sıra fiziksel, zihinsel ve duygusal ilgi ve beklentilerine yanıt verebilen kapsamlı bir öğretim programı uygulanır.

14 Rules to Protect You and Turkey from Coronavirus Risk



As in the whole world, the Covid-19 outbreak has had profound effects in our country. We are happy to see that we will overcome this process in an enviable way thanks to the human-priority approach implemented by our state, the strong measures taken and the cooperation and support of our citizens, and we thank everyone who contributed, especially our healthcare professionals. Within the scope of the measures taken against the epidemic, education was suspended in official and private schools at the first stage. However, since the beginning of the process in March 2020, the distance education application has been started under the leadership of our Ministry of National Education. This practice has become more and more efficient with the great sacrifices of our teachers and other education personnel. During this process, our students stayed at home and continued their education in accordance with the curriculum without breaking away from their teachers who reached them through many channels. Especially our school has implemented many alternative applications by using various distance education methods and tools. From its founders to managers, from teachers to other employees, they took the school home with distance education in order to overcome this period without any loss. It was ensured that students benefit from many digital platforms, including EBA. Thousands of hours of online lessons were held, videos were shot, questions were solved, exams were held, and guidance was provided. In short, the distance education activities in our school were carried out in an intense and uninterrupted manner so that students say "school was less tiring". This full process has been appreciated by our parents. With the statements made by the Minister of Foreign Affairs, it was declared with the relevant letter of the General Directorate of Private Education Institutions and the regulation published that distance education would be considered as a substitute for face-to-face education. Of course, our expectation is that our school opens as soon as possible and the training is done face to face. However, Life Design Schools will continue to provide the best service under the current conditions until that day comes. We wish healthy days to our country, the education community and our future children.

  • School cleaning plan TC. It was made on the basis of the documents of the Ministry of Health. It has been determined which area will be cleaned by whom, which product and which materials will be used and how often.

  • Hygienic mats are placed at the entrance doors of the schools.

  • Special areas such as door handles where many contact occurs during the day were determined, the frequency and rules of cleaning and disinfection were determined and personnel were assigned for control.

  • Around the tables and chairs in classrooms, workshops and laboratories were determined by considering the social distance rule. It is ensured that water and soap or disinfectant are available in these areas.

  • It is important that disposable materials are not reused. For this reason, necessary measures have been taken to throw masks and gloves into waste bins in the corridors.

  • Sterilization process has been applied in such areas, especially in laboratories, taking into account the materials to be used in more than one process.

  • Elevator use is restricted.

  • Necessary information and assignments have been made to ensure air circulation of classrooms, workshops, laboratories and common use areas.

  • The directives published by the relevant Ministries regarding the use of the workshop, laboratory and sports areas in our school will be applied.

  • According to age and level groups, school corridors and stairs are determined to show the direction of departure and return, taking into account the social distance rule.

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  • Disinfections of all areas (internal and external) are carried out at regular intervals from the beginning of the pandemic. Periodic disinfection processes of all frequently used surfaces and areas, especially door handles of common areas such as classrooms, laboratories, workshops, dining halls, etc., will be provided periodically during the day. All cleaning personnel have been trained on this issue.

  • Information posters were hung in all common areas for the students to comply with all kinds of hygiene rules, especially social distance rules.

  • Employees responsible for the disposal of wastes must comply with hygiene rules and use personal protective equipment. This personnel has been trained to implement the waste regulation and is obliged to fulfill the training requirements.

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